Aims and Scope

Today, with the ever-increasing the growth of science and technology development in all industrial fields, the necessity of reviewing, criticizing and analyzing emerging engineering phenomena in various fields is inevitable. The high share of buildings and industries in energy consumption and the burden of responsibility that engineers bear in the category of energy efficiency shows the access to reliable specialized authorities and resources.

The main goal of the sustainable energy systems journal is to provide an intellectual environment for researchers and scientific and academic experts to discuss their latest findings related to ways to reduce energy loss, energy management and the use of new energies in the fields of solar energy and wind energy. , ocean energy, geothermal energy, recycling energy, electric car, fuel cell, gasification and liquefaction of coal and hydrogen, etc. Therefore, it is hoped that this publication will improve the status of these issues and provide solutions for theoretical and practical issues facing these issues. In order to achieve this goal, we request researchers, experts, students and university professors to send their scientific and unpublished articles to this journal for the process of judging and publishing.